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Nino Bosikashvili – Rhythm and Experimentation

Hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia, Nino Bosikashvili is our new featured artist. Her spirit is driven by music, constant work, and experimentation.

The Artist and the Everyday

Nino Bosikashvili, featured artist in Artist Diary - from the post-Soviet state of Georgia, practicing painting, drawing and digital art
Nino in her studio in Tbilisi

MY AVERAGE DAY NOW is the same as it had been before COVID-19, for the most part.
If I want to create something I must be present and aware of the mastery of my skills, since my profession requires that I never stop working and engage in lots of experimentation in the process. Due to the given circumstances, this lockdown suits me, as an artist, since I now have a lot of creative time.

MY FAVOURITE PLACE AT HOME is my room and my studio, because the feeling I experience there is so much more than just calmness – it’s something beyond.

THE BEST GIFT FOR ME would be when someone is stunned with my work and allows themselves to experience the feelings that my work invokes. To me, these emotions are very important – When my art piece evokes an emotion, it communicates with the viewer. It is then that I consider that artwork complete.

Particularities and Influences

THE COLLECTION OF ARTWORKS WHICH ARE NOT MINE are several portraits of me painted by my friends at various periods and presented to me.

MY UPCOMING TRIP is not scheduled yet. I haven’t planned it and did not think about the destination but I do want to see my friends.

MY FAVORITE GEORGIAN DISH is khinkali and khachapuri. I love them.

MY INSPIRATION always comes from music. Music rhythms, for me, are important when I paint because it somehow looks like symbiosis between human, painting process and musical sounds. I believe colours have their own sounds which are reflected in my paintings. 

My inspiration comes from new discoveries in history, achievements in science and time itself. Invisible as it is, time has a profound effect on our actions and is an integral part of our existence, resulting in a personal world that is transformed into my work.

Check out Nino’s Portfolio to see why she’s our featured artist. Her artworks are full of energy, dynamic curiosity and a sense of wonder.