Ivgen Artamonov

Ievgen Artamonov is Ukranian artist. He is graduated in 2018 from UNAV Navarra, Spain with Master degree in Master in Architectural Design.

His artist statement:

In different areas of philosophy and religion there are such concepts as “unity”, “zen”, “truth”, “god”, “absolute”, “creator”, “atman” and so on. Behind the words there are always, apart from meaning, specific experiences, feelings and sensations.
When the “absolute”, “atman”, comes into the physical world, depending on what form it wants to acquire, it forms a “qualitative state” around itself. Color is what is the “invisible” cause.
For example, in order for the buds to bloom on the trees, the ice melted, it is necessary to have a “qualitative state” of spring, an “invisible spring” that permeates everything around, and only then will it be realized in the form of “birds singing”, “flowering trees”, etc. This is the “sensation” of itself.

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.


September – october 2018 – participation in a group exhibition, gallery Enebada (Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain)
20 march – 15 april de 2019 – group exhibition Lviv Art days (Lviv, Ukraine)
4 – 18 july 2019 – exhibition in the AMD design club gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)
22 july – 31 july 2019 – group exhibition in the Mytets gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)
26 july – 9 august 2019 – group exhibition in the Artbox gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)
1-17 november 2019 – finalist of “Portal 11” art prize competition (Kyiv, Ukraine)
5 march -5 april 2020 – group exhibition in Lavra gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
8-26 april 2020 – group exhibition (Senlis, France)