Maksym Rybalko

Maksym Rybalko is Ukrainian artists graduated from Taras Shevchenko Government Middle Art School and National Technical University of Ukraine.

Here is his artist statement:

There is harmonious consolidation of bright colorful solutions and line graphics in my picturesque paintings.
In my artworks I explore:  the color movement through the preciseness of graphic lines, definite toughness of social world and slightly tangible breath of life through the made by man constructions.

When my creative flow becomes overwhelmed with common constructions of crazy rhythm of modern life, I start etude and learn the simplicity of color and lines from nature.



1992-2000 – Taras Shevchenko Government Middle Art School

2000-2006 – National Technical University of Ukraine, Publishing & Printing faculty.


«Painting»  – Art Gallery “HudGraph”

«The colors of life» Taras Shevchenko’s National museum.

«The spring jazz» ProCredit Bank


«Ukrainian Modern Art» within the framework of GogolFest

«All-Ukrainian exhibition – Pictorial and Applied Arts contest»

«Time as the reality» in Modern Art Research Institute.

«We fiddle while Rome burns»

«In Spiritum» ( Zeneva, Switzerland.)

«Christmas Mystery» –  Kavaleridze’s Workshop museum


«Heredity» in the frames of Art Picnic

The young artist’s Exhibition «D12»

«SF-G Western Wing» MO Lemish Gallery

«Contemporary Ukrainian art show» (London)


Participation in All-Ukrainian art exhibitions (National Community of Ukrainian Artists)