Veronika Ivashkevich

Veronika Ivashkevich is a graduated restorer and  a very bright figure of the art scene of St.Petersburg.

Here is her artist statement:

Intuition guides my artistic practice. For me, it’s necessary that I interpret and decipher my work for the viewer. Contradiction is the nature of my artistic action –the material itself and the technique determine the themes for the future project. For me, what’s important is not “what”, but “how” – the medium is the message. I try to capture the beauty of interference and accidents that arise in the process of material resistance, and deliberately . Art school is everyday life. A combination of volumetric objects and graphics make up each of my projects, sometimes veiled by digital distortion.

The synthesis and contrasts between natural and artificial, disappointment and hope appear to pique my emotions at this stage of my journey. I try to follow my own interests, and I believe that this resonates with the viewer. The driving force of my process, however, is my struggle with my own fears.



2012-2018 – St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts. A.L. Stieglitz

Area of expertise: Painting and Restoration

2016 – Academy of Arts. E. Geppert in Wroclaw (Erasmus)

Area of expertise: Graphics

Solo exhibition

2019 «Shelter», FFTN gallery, St.Petersburg

Group Exhibitions

2019 «Housekeeping», hotel Wynwood, St.Petersburg
2019 «Ordinqry things», DK Gromov, St.Petersburg
2019 «Summertime sadness», Agile gallery, St.Petersburg
2019 «The Whole World Was Not Accessible To My Gaze», The Carillon,Fort Worth Texas
2019 «The Goods of time», Goethe-Institut Bulgarien, Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 «Levels», Pivovarenniy Zavoda Im. Stepana Razina, St.Petersburg
2018 «Cruel letter»,Mosaique club,St.Petersburg
2018 «Oh, Zina, you are the world»,Library of book graphics, St. Petersburg
2017 «Astravec of Culture», Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus, 2017