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The pandemic that we all find ourselves in has raised global questions about our current way of life, global economics and investing strategies. Nowadays, we see that investors focus not only on pure financial return but also on responsible, sustainable ways of doing business, ensuring that their money has a positive impact on local society and the world at large, whether they buy art online and through traditional means.

Deloitte report 2019 claimed that socially responsible investment products in art and culture are ranked 28% higher by private banking. 

Art – Investing in Real Emotion

The new generation of collectors are even more actively seeking an emotional and personal connection with artists and their masterpieces. For many collectors, investment in art, and especially in emerging artists, is not only a strategic decision, but also a statement. It’s a way of establishing their identity along with their hobbies, interests, and passions. 

Art is an endless universe and emerging talents are stars that appear on the horizon. They are already a part of the art galaxy, but you can see them only if you take a better look. And the new generation of daring art collectors happily investigate, search for up-and-coming artists, and make this conscious decision of purchasing their art. 

First, investing in emerging artists is an act of openness and curiosity. Like all the discoveries it brings the satisfaction of being a pioneer and a visionary, daring to follow your own feelings and vision and establishing and impacting current art market trends.

Purity – The Allure of an Emerging Artist

Emerging artists are pure souls who have not yet been commercialised. If you see a unique artist with great technique and a strong, powerful message, make the connection. An artist who turns out such pieces is a rare gem trying to thrive in a world where everything can be, and is, copied.
Don’t misunderstand, this does not mean that emerging artists are outsiders. On the contrary, they are active players of the art community; forming and reshaping it. 

Contemporary Art Delights in Digital

The new generation of up-coming-artists are digitally present and active, which is now a part of the game and this joint effort of the galleries, online platforms and themselves contribute to their recognition and increasing value of their art. They know how to promote their artwork, not only through offline galleries, art fairs and auctions, but also across internet platforms, sometimes reaching a far wider platform than traditional plaftorms.

Instagram – A Contemporary Source to Find and Buy Art Online

Take the example of Unskilled Worker, London-based, self-taught artist who rose to prominence via her wildly successful Instagram account. One Instagram post swept the unknown artist into a real collaboration with Gucci and lightning international recognition.

Talent among Eastern European and Post-Soviet Artists 

Russian emerging artists are affordable. With certain recognition in the local art market, they constantly explore new markets and international channels. They are not snobs, yet, and happily participate in local online auctions such as or exclusive communities on Facebook, like Шар и Крест (The Ball and the Cross) where among the recognized  masters they can sell/donate ( the price is symbolic) their art in order to democratise and disrupt the art market. 

Could you imagine paying 100 Euro instead of 1000 Euro for a painting of Kirill Kto, theoretic and a cult figure within Moscow’s street art subculture? Indeed, I know some who are that fortunate..

Open to Community and Collective Spirit

The new online initiative #artistsupportpledge just proved it with more than 13.6K of posts with artworks on sale from emerging artists all over the world to support their artists fellows.

If you plan to invest in art, or in a particular artist, or you’re  looking for some unique artwork to extend your collection, take a look at our curated selection or contact us for personalised advice.

GRINEVART / Art market

The art community is now more vulnerable than ever as galleries are shutting down, exhibitions are being cancelled, and a general air of uncertainty reigns, due to the continued spread of the novel coronavirus. We’re taking a look at how to support artists during this trying time.

Support artists by joining the Artist Support Pledge, initiated by Matthew Burrows on Instagram. Help out artists during the difficult time of the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 and a Community of Sharing

Due to the current climate, many artists find themselves without work and traditional channels of exhibiting their art.

The Artist Support Pledge is an initiative by Matthew Burrows, a London-based artist, on his Instagram page. The initiative went viral and generated around 13,6K posts using the hashtag #artistsupportpledge.

The Artist Support Pledge – How Does It Work?

The idea is simple.

Artists who commit to the pledge will post images of available work for no more than £200.
Each time their sales reach £1,000 they promise to buy another artist’s work for £200. 

This provides artists the opportunity to financially support their fellow artists all over the world by making some income selling their own art.

Based on trust, solidarity and community spirit this initiative is beneficial for both artists and art lovers who can now buy affordable art and discover new talent.

Support Artists

Check out the ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE page to support artists during COVID-19and join in the collective spirit!