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Alter Snt/Today’s Statement


Figurative installation, Neon, Decorative ceramic, Metal pigment, Chameleon Pigment, 45x45cm


Grinev Art Gallery is a source of post-Soviet and Eastern European art, where one peruse curated art and buy sculptures online. This artwork is the expression of the protest, which envelops present-day state. State without perspective, between alternative worlds of reality and future. That is why, losing in old traditions takes place. And if their mind is part of their culture, it’s polluted and altered by their own cultural elements. The place, where they only talk  about emotions, purity of family, religion and considerations of others.  There are no rational solutions, that by itself creates alternative world, where time freezes and there say No to developing. I see strict contrast between these two worlds, that exist separately from each other in one space.  

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